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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Meet: Flint Beastwood

HoN Guide: Flint Beastwood
Flint Beastwood (Sniper from DotA) 

Eplosive Flare - Range 800 - 75/175/225/300 Magic Damage - 14/20/26/32% Movement Slow

Hollowpoint Shells - Passive - 25/30/35/40% chance to inflict 20/30/40/50 bonus physical damage and stunning for .05/.1/.2/.2

Dead Eye - Passive - Increases attack range by 60/120/180/240 - at level 3/4 Flint can outrange towers

Money Shot - Range 1500/2000/2500 - After a 1.7 cast time, Flint fires a shot that will deal 355/505/655 Magic Damage and stuns for .2 seconds.


  1. How much is the subscription to DotA? Things like that usually put me off these types of games...