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Friday, 24 September 2010

League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth - what do you prefer?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0hSyBVG_Rc - Not my preview, but a nice one!

In a survey thread recently concluded in DS, we had the opportunity to gauge the popularity levels of Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends and DotA itself among DS members. The results were as follows:
  1. League of Legends - 534
  2. Heroes of Newerth - 348
  3. Neither - 659
All right, before I’d say anything about the results, I gotta admit that the “Neither” option was a bit ambiguous. It could have meant only DotA, or both LoL and HoN or all 3 since there sincerely might be game geeks who will love DotA and all its succeeding ripoffs. Therefore it is not surprising to me that “Neither” got the most number of votes.
Lesson for the mods: make clear vote options. But that will be for next time.
Now, having said that, the numbers for LoL speaks volumes. Just ONE, clear-cut option gave it as much as 534 votes, indicating very much that LoL is bound to get a lot of fans and players from DS itself right after its official launch. Also, it’s openly known that Pendragon aka Steve Mescon, as well as Guinsoo aka Steve Feak were (and are) very much involved in DotA. It’s obvious they’ve been riding on the DotA tsunami to crash land LoL on our shores, presenting it as an attractive diversion. It is still unknown why a fallout happened between Icefrog and the two guys, but I bet gold it’s definitely got something to do with the thought-of notion that LoL will supersede DotA to oblivion.
May I suggest somebody go undercover to find out what’s really happening? :P You could start at their official website, http://www.leagueoflegends.com/
And then HoN. First things first, I think that HoN has several glaring weaknesses in terms of marketing and presentation. As of this moment, nothing concrete is being presented on their official website at http://heroesofnewerth.com/. Other than some eye-candy and a link to Facebook, we don’t know what hot stuff is going to take place on HoN and how. It’s true that Facebook is notorious for viral marketing and so the strategy of having an FB (not “a”, “an”) spotlight helps a lot, but you still gotta have a PROPERLY functioning website or blog first. Bad move.
Then the accusation that HoN is literally a clone of DotA. In this respect I have to admit that a perception battle is being waged and guys at S2 don’t seem to have it their way. The battle is not yet concluded, but if anything I think that HoN had better do something to avoid charges of unoriginality at the people’s court. The way I see it, the frog will never admit defeat. He is definitely adamant at making DotA stand out and make people who contend that LoL or HoN will eclipse DotA swallow their words. Remember, Blizzard has a stake in this battle too. If Dota gets less popular this equals very much less WC3 players. In other words, this is WAR and it is not just about defending the ancients anymore.
In this respect, it maybe why HoN got lesser votes than LoL or “neither”. Maybe I’m thinking a little too much, but somehow LoL is really lucky to have free propaganda. :P
As for me, I’m relishing the opportunity to catch both HoN and LoL in action. I don’t care about the tripartite war, all I care for is profit. And a dose of entertainment. :lol:


  1. i prefer LoL, but i must say im kinda tired of it..

  2. Niftyyyy, I'll keep to my Starcraft 2 and FPS, but cool stuff bro.


  3. This looks pretty intense. Like camping, haha. Bad jokes, i know...

  4. Personally, I prefer LoL but yeah its really starting to get boring now.

  5. Thanks for the comments mates, but really, how can you prefer LoL? its so messed up, Heroes of Newerth is controlled and everthing is fine.

  6. Nice blog, keep the dailys comin

  7. Since HoN has now gone F2P and has a cash shop like LoL, I think a re-review of the differences might be in order.