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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Honcast League Mid Season Recap

From: Honcast

We are at the half way point right now in the Honcast League $5,000 Invitational and it has been a very exciting season so far.  With week in and week out great matches taking place, the community is really getting a show out of this event as well as the teams being able to compete at least once a week against another worthy opponent.  There have been some downfalls such as DWi and 4AR both going inactive / disbanding during the event early on however that has not stopped the momentum for the teams or us here at Honcast.  With another team disbanding in mjw however, it opened room for the very entertaining team Dirty Minds to take their place in the EU division who will complete the seven teams.

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Looking at the standings as of now there are a couple of stand outs to highlight.  No surprise really in the US division LOAD is the top team with a 3-0 record, however tSm off to a very strong start with a 3-1 record with defeats against NvD, DRD and XTV and their only loss being to LOAD.  NvD and xFin make up the middle of the pack with some solid victories themselves, including xFin defeating SK Gaming.  DRD and SK have both had a disappointing start for themselves, however there is still plenty of season left to make up for that and with 6 of the 7 teams qualifying for the playoffs from each division it by no means is the end of the road.  XTV wraps up the list with an 0-3 record where coming into the event they weren't sure if they would be able to compete on a high tier level with some of the other teams, but have provided some entertaining ones at that.

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The EU division also brings some surprises to the community as well.  Leading the way is KD-Gaming who have come back onto the scene very strong with their new roster and stand with a 3-0 record as a result.  Empr and MSI both follow with a 2-1 record currently and this may not be really shocking for anyone other than the fact that MSI is 2-1 instead of 3-0 currently.  TSoG is the reason for that as they defeated MSI in week 3 of the event, however with disappointing losses to Empr and KD they currently sit at 2-2.  unZ and DrDz both have not had ideal starts with a 1-2 and 1-3 record including DrDz starting 0-3 until their week 4 victory over unZ but as stated earlier the season is only half way done and 6 of the 7 teams qualify for the playoffs.  Dirty Minds wraps up the EU division as they are replacing the recently disbanded mjw team, and as a result they absorb the record of 0-2.  So they will have five matches to make up for the slow start and try to recover in time to at least qualify for the playoffs.

Expect even more excitement in the second half of the season as the race for seeding and playoff position takes place and with $5,000 prize pool on the line, who knows what can happen.
For up to date standings and schedule, you can check the Honcast League Page at http://www.honcast.com/honcastleague/
For Honcast League Videos you can check them out HERE


  1. Is the team SK here the same team SK im thinking of? Used to be a top tier team in wc3 and counter strike at least.

  2. Nerdpage. Haha, its ok...i'm one too.

  3. Mayhem, yeah, its "the SK gaming" used to be called fiVe @hon, but changed back to the original title SK

  4. Yeya, seems like they're doing everything