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Friday, 24 September 2010

Guide: The Engineer

This is my own guide how to play one of the best heroes ingame, the Engineer.

The keg - range 800 at all levels - damage 150/200/250/300
Steam Turret - range 800 at all levels - physical damage 25/40/45/70
Tinker - applies on a siege unit, +/- 3/5/7/9 and +/- 10/20/30/40 attack speed.

Starting items: 2x minor totems, 2x duck boots, 1x runes of the blight and a mana potion.

At the middle of the game (20-35 min), you will buy this items at the pictures beneath.

A portal key (2150), Ghost Marchers (1500), Iron Shield (550) and a Power supply (606).

And at the remaining time of the game, you should be needing this items, but it depends on what you are challenging - but I recommend you to buy the nullstone atleast but im not quite sure about the charged hammer, but its up to you, but this is the way I build as Engineer.

This is how you item build on Engineer, I will post a youtube link / just a regular post how to combo the spells sooner or later!

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