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Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Fnatic MSI

Fnatic MSI based in Finland/Germany has been a top competitor in the European scene for
a long time, but it wasn’t until former ButtonBashers members Kay and Freshfrifly joined that
they began getting top-tier. This is my personal favourite team (Since before it was ‘cool’ to like them)
they’re consistently a fun team to watch. MSI often wins because they don’t let early game
losing get to their heads, and on more than one occasion have won games that were almost
certain defeats only 10 minutes earlier.


2nd place in the Dreamhack event.
MSI currently sits at #1 on the community polls
Winner of the TWL tournament
2nd place at the Honcast Inviational.
Winners of the Newerth League kickoff tournament.
Winners of the Fnatic Play tournament

And here is some HonCasts with MSI:

Fnatic MSI vs LOAD
Fnatic MSI vs KDe
Fnatic MSI vs SK


  1. never was into watching competitive gaming other then CSS but i'll check it out

  2. Thats pretty cool, I did watch some WoW arena competitive games.